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I admit without beating that never until now I have not seen any significant Spanish-speaking film, and the name of Pedro Almodóvar, although associated, but a deeper concept of "who he" did not have. Yes, I've heard about "All About My Mother" and "Bad Education" (because who has not heard of them!), But both cinema products remained beyond my reach. Seduced known and recognized brand director, so I went to the cinema to "Volver" with a pure mind (tabula rasa from which certain Locke would be proud) and the desire to build their own opinion. Already the initial stage does the viewer peculiar feeling - women scrubbing graves at the cemetery in one of the Iberian towns. In just such a scene we meet three women are the main axis around which revolves the story - a strong and resourceful Raimunda (great Penélope Cruz), her adolescent daughter Paula (Yohana Cobo), and not so strong, but equally enterprising sister Sole (Lola Duenas ). They have to face the gray everyday life, meandering past, deadly diseases, as well as responsibility for those they love. Life goes forward, not allowing us to return to the past, unresolved issues. But are you sure? I enjoyed the movie immensely.

Two hours faded into oblivion, like a few moments. It is often said that women typically films are romantic comedies. Error. I think it's "Volver" can aspire to the title of the women's manifesto. It is about women and for women (though ugly sex also should not get bored, watching Penelope, for example, the bust of a bird ...). This film shows the real "women power" in a world dominated by men. And although few of us have every day problems of the kind to hide the body or to evade the spirit of the mother, it will not have much difficulty with doszukiwaniu of numerous analogies to our lives in more conventional cases.

  Because what this image is not a feminist! And it is a tragedy and comedy (sometimes very black) and sublimity and ridiculousness, and even ... a ghost story! The director is like a chef, replacing the actors play their mysterious spices. This dish upichcone the average director would simply indigestible and kitschy. Fortunately, Almodóvar knows his trade.

He proved skeptical before my oczętami that is intriguing creator with talent and sensitivity. But I have heard complaint is that the film is not really "anything" and is worthless. I do not agree with that. Section showing the whole issue must inevitably lead to a dilution of some issues and general deprivation of one element, which would dominate. But thanks to nothing has been imposed from above. Anyone can get out of this film is the message, what he pleases. The film was productive.

I recommend it to all those who appreciate cinema ambitious than another clones "Blood massacres, depriving people of languages, feet and brain (for the viewer)" or extremely deep stories like "Oh my God! He does not love me! Leee ..." . "Volver" in Spanish means "return." We are happy to have once "volvernę" to the world of Raimunda.

I left something important there ...