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It is sad that most people who exploit the elderly economically get out of it. They find it easy enough to do it again and again. Each time the abuser becomes bold. They pretend they are eligible to receive this money and no one deserves it. Therefore, they must be prosecuted. There will be another victim.
Prosecution of these crimes is difficult for prosecutors because of his practices. My background as director of geriatric care in South Florida is almost officially aware of the gradual process these exploiters are using for separate seniors in savings. In many cases, abusers actually have permission to steal money from their parents. Thus, the elder "grants" the removal of his property and can therefore claim that no crime has occurred. The fact that the bad guys are easy to influence the elderly also means that the elderly are incompetent and may not be able to control their finances. Few elderly people want to admit. Instead, they justify, and even hide, theft. Older people may feel guilty, guilty, or confused when they know they are victims. Few people testify who stole from them.
Think of stealing someone from the elderly, reminding strangers of wandering scams selling ATMs and counterfeit goods. We've all known the term "Ponzi scheme" since investment broker Bernard Madoff "make money" with millions of customers. However, this type of financial abuse is rarer than the financial abuse that older nurses receive daily for friends, parent friends, and elderly parents. If I worked, I found that this kind of abuse occurred slowly, deliberately, five times in a foreseeable time, but I can't believe it was true. They ignore all small lights. When the situation finally explodes, STEP FIVE is considered clear as a day. At that point, it may be too late to do anything about it.
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The steps are as follows: Identify them and learn to prevent this terrible crime from happening to yourself or anyone you care about.
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Step 1: The attacker saves-when a person is in crisis, he becomes a guardian or assistant. You can provide additional services without paying your parents and refuse to pay even if they were originally provided. Attackers later remind older people of their popularity and make them feel bound by duty.
Step 2: Users confirm that the elderly are the only ones who care about their well-being. The elder brainwashed to believe that the true family wanted only his own money.
Step 3: Exploiters emotionally and physically separate the elderly from their families. They make their families "surrogate families." Then they tell their parents they are like a family. He may also begin to call the elder "mother" or "father." You can prevent your real family from accessing the phone or visiting the elderly, and you can assume that your real family is being abused by other members of the community. Elders may never know how a family wants to contact them.
Step 4: Recovery user can use senior credit card, debit card or other money for small purchases. Then continue to use the old property and gradually transfer it to your account or distribute it to members of the exploit family. Attackers can buy majors, but they can also buy products themselves. You can take the elderly to dinner, but you can also invite the whole family and pay them to your parents. If the Exploiter car needs to be repaired or refueled, the old car will have to pay for it, as the old car will be used to buy or transport the old car. Elders feel that they have no choice but to agree.
Step 5: Finally, the exploiter tries to take legal control of the person. They may have the opportunity to inherit the property of themselves and their families and change their willingness to inherit. A few years ago, I experienced a case where a lawyer turned the embarrassment of a dying woman into an assistant who knew only for two years. This was especially frightening, as the lawyer had previously written the will of the family and knew that heirs existed. The family fought in court with the caretaker and had to settle in about one-tenth of the original property. I testified to my lawyer and tried to reavenge me many times since. A few weeks ago, I witnessed a nurse marrying a 94-year-old man in his forties. Earlier, she was his maid for about two years. He had a notary in his living room during the ceremony where his child was a witness. This action automatically replaced the entire elderly male family. The marriage was fought and canceled. The elder court judged him incompetent and was used as a caretaker of the property.
The secret weapon used by these agents is love, notes, family relationships, and even sex ... everything that people need, but it doesn't reach old age. In South Florida, many retirees retire thousands of miles from their original family when needed most. This isolation creates a dangerous opportunity for exploiters.
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Even if a loved one is a friend, family, caregiver, or a trusted professional, if someone in your life has the feeling of managing your finances, lifestyle, and even processes, You will get expert help! Contact a professional such as a geriatric nurse or senior lawyer to have someone contact adult protection services. In fact, police and prosecutors are asking you to carry out the case so they can follow up. Evidence may need to be collected secretly to prevent rapid exploitation Step 5 Above all, urgent action is needed. Know that your parents feel distracted and overwhelmed. They do not thank you because they were already convinced that the attackers made some kind of loyalty and money. Either way, it's right to act.