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"Night at the Museum" is a fun adventure comedy for the whole family. In search of new ideas for family entertainment, the gentlemen from the Dream Factory this time reached for a book by Milan Trenec, which is not much known. The film is about the divorcee Larry Daleyu, who includes a job as a night watchman at the National History Museum; it turns out that after dark, thanks to the magic, golden board, all exhibits in the museum come to life. And this is a real personality gallery - Theodor Roosevelt, Krzysztof Columbus, Hun Attila, Indian sacajawea, and even a huge tyrannosaur, or rather his skeleton - these are just some of the "living" attractions that Daley will come to know.

The plot construction, as befits a family comedy for the whole family, is not complicated. The museum that comes alive at night is just an excuse to draw the viewer into a series of actions and funny situations. Ben Stiller doubles and triples to make the viewer laugh (with varying degrees of success), and is helped by, among others Owen Wilson as a miniature cowboy Jedediah and Robin Williams playing the role of Roosevelt.

We have a traditional genre mix in "Night at the Museum" - there is something from action movies and romance, but of course the most from comedy. The creators multiply gags indefinitely and although sometimes they are stupid and bizarre, it is difficult to sit on the film and not laugh at least a few times. In addition, we get the whole in a very attractive visual setting (computer-generated, realistic animals and great attention to detail make an impression), which catches the eye and draws attention to the contemporary, practically unlimited possibilities of special effects. In this technical splendor, luckily, the story and characteristic characters were successfully kept in the first place, reducing visual tricks to the position of spectacular additions, allowing better and more fully reflect the director's vision, but remaining in the background. The "Nocy ..." edition on DVDs unfortunately does not present a high form of development, but it does not mean that it is not worth reaching for it. There is only one disc in the box, with a few accessories on it. The film image was saved in a panoramic 1.85: 1 format, we can choose Polish dubbing or subtitles, we can also include the director's commentary (without Polish subtitles). The menu, although in English, is clear and easy to use, the transitions between individual sections are not burdensome and long, as sometimes happens.

Among the bonus materials, the best position is Unused and Extended Scenes with optional commentary by director Shawn Levy - there are 8 of them, they last a little over 16 minutes and have been fully dubbed.

In addition, on the disk you will find Gagi (during the filming, the actors burst out laughing), a short video about shooting scenes with a monkey and an interactive game in which you need to arrange the skeleton of the tyrannosaur from scattered bones. .