NECO Economics Questions and Replies 2020 Theory and Objectives

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NECO Economics Questions together with Answers 2020. I will certainly be showing you past Economics objective and even hypothesis repetitive questions totally free in this particular post. You will as well understand how NECO Economics questions are set plus how to answer all of them.

NECO Economics Objectives in addition to Essay or dissertation answers 2020
Often the concerns down below are this NECO 2020 Economics Training Questions. Experience them and be ready to rating high in your NECO 2020 Economics Examination.

one. neco runs outside a particular firm which often reduce the particular firm’s costs are called
The. internal economics
T. additional economics
C. alternative diseconomies
D. optimum outcomes

ANSWER: B (external economics)

only two. If at 10K each kg, 1000kg of sweet potato were purchased, the resulting point elasticity connected with requirement is
A. zero. 33
B. 0. 0001
C. 1
D. ten thousand

REPLY: C (1)

three or more. The situation in which all inputs are doubled and even output also doubles is referred to as
A. constant proportions
B. increasing returns to range
C. constant returns
N. constant returns to size.