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With so many different way to get backlinks these days, phratry often wonder why they should do a site submission to a URL directory these days. They wonder just how much SEO benefit there is by clicking on the add URL button on a reference. While it's true there are many different ways to get backlinks these days, from blog comments to putting up a Squidoo page, URL group action to directories remains one of the kindly and easiest ways to get calibre backlinks and targeted traffic.

For starters, site submission on a URL reference is straight forward. It takes just a narrow or two to fill out the URL submission form. You enter the information about site. This includes the free URL you miss to add along with a site variety. Depending on directory, you can select to add tags and add the category that you feel your site best belongs in.

If you used the add URL on a quality link directory, you will usually wait a few days or lank for a human to review your base submission and ensure that it meets the requirements before the tie is publicly visible. Some directories provide a paid service where you can speed up the review process. You are not paying for the link, rather you are compensable for a quicker review of your submission.

Once your link is public, you can begin benefiting from all that a URL directory offers such as increased traffic to your site and a better position in the search self-propelled vehicle results. A paid or free URL subject matter is truly one of the easiest property to get quality backlinks to your site.

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